The End of the LumberJack Friendship

meme.PNGAttention Language Arts teachers!! Are you tired of having to take one student’s paper at a time, place it under the document camera, switch view from interactive white board to document camera settings, then play a game of optical illusions as you try to adjust the paper correctly under the camera just to annotate as whole group? Well, do I have a tool for you!

When you use the Prowise Presenter you can take one student’s paper, add the part you’d like to the Presenter field, and send it out to your students’ smart devices or computer. The students can then annotate the excerpt and send it back to the teacher! But wait, that’s not all! Now, you can see your entire class’ annotated paragraphs and compare them side by side. You can see which student missed annotating which part. Your entire class is involved and actively participating. You can see the result immediately!


Just think, now you can have the students focus on verb tense, spelling and punctuation errors, identifying figurative language or parts of speech without making copies of individual papers for each student on each topic. You can send out a document that focuses on one topic, gather and save the results, then move onto the next field and send out another document focusing on another topic. The hippies of the world will thank you. The lumberjacks will not.

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