Tune in Tuesday: Stop, Collaborate, & Listen

And now, a message from your ELECTROBOARD Education Consultant. I dare you to not sing along!

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!
Prowise increases that comprehension.
With its cloud based and multi-touch function
It will create so much interaction.
They’ll be learning and never know.
Give me a chance and I’ll show
You the HD and Blu-Ray functionality.
Traveling the world’s a virtual reality.

Got Ed problems, yo I’ll solve it!
As your Ed consultant, yo I got it!

They can go to different rooms
From straight, to draft, to table, on wheels this thing zooms!
With a built in PC and Windows 8
No need to install(ate).
Time for kids to connect, show what they know
On the Panel their answers you can show.

BYOD, Psh, yo I got it,
Tablet, computer, smart phone, they have it.
**drops mic and walks off**

Have any questions? I am available at your convenience to come to your school and do a demonstration of our products for all who are interested. Welcome back!

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