From “On the Line” to Online

On the line, online, offline, side lines. Who cares? Potato, potatoe. That was me.

I can, although less frequently as of late, single handedly send your best Systems Analyst or IT Coordinator trembling in fear at the sight of my number on their caller id, or my footsteps outside of their office. I am a self-proclaimed technological trainwreck! (Just ask my husband). I prefer paperbacks to a Kobo and paper and pen to a Tablet.

Then one day I find myself in a classroom teaching twenty-five energetic 5 and 6 year olds facing a daily labrinyth of technical issues. The Epson projector isn’t working…That’s the wrong dongo for the guest laptop. The Notebook software on your laptop is out-of-date that’s why features of today’s lesson do not work…PowerSchool just crashed and I have lost all of my recent report card data that I forgot to save. FML. I hope I am not alone in my struggle of woman vs. machine.

Although I feel that I received excellent training as a pre-service teacher, I was by no means prepared to be the technical ninja that is required of today’s 21st Century educator. But if there is hope for me, then the world is your oyster, because let’s face it, we all can relate to Mr. Vaughn somedays.

When I became an Educational Consultant my inner critic had a heyday like Joan Rivers on the red carpet. You empower others to utilize technology effectively – humph.

Enter Prowise and Professional Development, and within a few months both my pedagogy and viewpoint on the use of technology in the classroom have been completely transformed. Please don’t misunderstand me, I have always been a proponent of the use of technology in learning environments- I had simply never been empowered to become an effective user.

Let’s face it…the students of today will work at future jobs that do not currently exist, face problems that have not yet been imagined and will one day take care of you and me. How can we prepare them for the unknown, if we can not effectively equip them for the challenges of today?

Educational technology is a necessity to prepare our leaders of tomorrow for the challenges they will face, whether we are “on the line” or online. Although the incorporation of technology in learning environments will never be perfect, it can be simple, user friendly and seamless. One cord vs. twenty, cloud-based software vs. software updates, and built-in tools and activities vs. self-created resources. Easy to use and intuitive, student device integration has never been easier with our device agnostic software that works with any brand of tablet, smart phone or computer that you may have in your classroom. Authentic learning experiences and engaged learners are on your horizion.





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